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⁣Blake Blossom is back for another photoshoot. This time Blake is acting
as the producer and director for Vanna Bardot and Chad Alva. The trio
poses, with Blake taking her own turn in front of the camera as well as
telling Chad and Vanna what she wants. Of course, the photoshoot gets
sexier and hotter until it's all about the threesome that's already in

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⁣Ryan McLane is married, which makes him open to helping his wife's best
friend, Anna Claire Clouds, whenever Anna needs help. His wife is out of
town, but Anna needs help replacing a light bulb. Ryan comes on over to
lend a hand.

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⁣Lexi Luna wants to try out her new camera, and her favorite model is sitting right there on his bed. The pair have dated in the past, but aren't currently together. Lexi assures Ryan that their previous relationship is water under the bridge, but the busty babe has a plan that involves getting some of that D again.